The Cesky Terrier is a rare breed in the United States. What isn't so rare is the volume of information available for judges, exhibitors and potential owners of this wonderful breed. The AKC Parent Breed Club, ACTFA, The American Cesky Terrier Fanciers Association, INC. is the official American source for the Cesky Terrier. We work closely with breeders all over the world to bring fanciers of the breed accurate and up to date information about this special breed. 

ACTFA education is divided into seven regions each with a certified Parent Club mentor as director and additional  Parent Club assistant mentors to assist anyone seeking information. We strongly urge judges and interested parties to seek out only Parent Club Certified Mentors to receive accurate information on our breed. Our Board Approved regional directors as well as additional Board Approved mentors are listed below:

                   Judges Education & Public Education

Judge's Education/Public Education Chairman:  

Committee chair:

Gregg Bridge-Chase-   

Other Members:   

Glenn Dorsey

Mareth Kipp

Monica Kipp

Celeste Perkins

Tim Smith

Bronia Wroblewska-Potts 

Cesky Terrier Judges Presentation

                       Regional Board Approved Mentors

Midwest:    Gregg Bridge - Chase

Gregg and his wife, ACTFA Board Treasure Sandy, are Cesky breeders and travel yearly to the birthplace of the Cesky Terrier- The Czech Republic, to participate in the National Specialty called Cesky Days. They are members of the National Cesky Terrier Breeders Club  and are extremely knowledgeable in Cesky history and European Cesky Culture. Gregg mentors those in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Indiana and Missouri.

He can be reached at 309-230-8511

South:   Glenn Dorsey

Glen is our resident expert on genetics and Cesky development as well as the ACTFA Historian. He can trace any Cesky Terrier back to its roots and present a clear understanding of Cesky creator Frantisek Horak's ideal pack friendly hunting dog. He tutors in the states of Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Maryland.

He can be reached at  540-239-6636

Southwest:   Nick Fletcher

Many know Nick and wife, Doreen, Board Director, as long time owners, breeders and handlers of Kerry Blues and now Cesky Terriers. With his Cesky, Nick has won BOB at the prestigious Crufts Dog Show in England and in 2018 won his third consecutive Best of Breed at Montgomery County Kennel Club All Terrier Show. With just under 50 years in conformation, Nick is an excellent mentor in the Cesky Standard.  Nick mentors in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Louisiana and Arkansas.

He can be reached at 817-400-8178