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Please feel free to reach out to any Board Members and/or Committee Chairs if you would like more information about us and the Cesky Terrier.

Here on our website, you will find the most accurate and up to date information on the Cesky Terrier.

Thank you to all of our contributors from breeders near and far, and from exhibitors that are filled with passion for this wonderful breed. Our website is filled with information and facts on health, breeding, judging, showing and companionship of this beautiful breed.

We hope you enjoy it as we are in the process of building it to provide the public with an outstanding resource for Cesky lovers.

 Many thanks to Martina Urbanova, Gabi van Ruiten, Michael Pospich, Vera Bodner, Dana Juricova, Sheila Atter, Vlastimil Durcik, Dusan Kucharic, Michael Weser and other contributors for allowing us to use so many wonderful photos to share with others. We are grateful to you all and all contributors to our website.

 For those that live with Cesky Terriers (also known as the Bohemian Terrier) on a daily basis, we understand how extraordinary these dogs are. They are intelligent, loyal to family, possess an incredible zest for life and are easy to live with. Their companionship and fun loving personalities make them endearing and charming. We encourage you to explore the pages of and information within our website to learn more about these magnificent dogs. They will steal your heart!

Danae Sue Day Break, Cantabile Tempo, Night Wish Bozena, Cute Pepper v. Bodasca, A Jednak Yankee, and Frmol od Fontanky photo courtesy of Laura Loikkanen of Finland Fantastic photo showing the many shades of gray in the Cesky Terrier

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