ACTFA Code of Ethics


I believe the welfare and preservation of the unique qualities of the Cesky Terrier is of primary importance and the aim of the American Cesky Terrier Fanciers Association (hereafter referred to as ACTFA) is to protect and improve the breed. The following Code of Ethics is a guide for members of ACTFA or any person who owns, shows, breeds, or sells a Cesky Terrier. 


1. As it relates to my interest in and conduct concerning the Cesky Terrier, I will consider the welfare of the Cesky Terrier above personal gain and profit. 

2. I will provide the highest standards of care for the physical and emotional health of my dogs. This includes, but is not limited to, a nutritional diet, optimum shelter, sanitation, exercise, affection, and immunizations and check-ups as recommended by my veterinarian. 

3. I will comply with local statutes regarding responsible dog ownership. 
4. I will have my dog under effective control when in public. 
5. To the extent possible, I will protect my dog from harm at all times. I will never 

expose my dog to unnecessary risk of loss or injury in the performance of 

work or sport. 
6. In written and verbal communication and in action, I will conduct myself in a 

responsible and courteous manner that will be conducive to the advancement of our breed and our club and will treat others as I would wish to be treated. 

7. I will make every effort to educate any new owner or interested person and to be both instructive and constructive in my comments. 

8. I will not sell a Cesky Terrier to pet stores or brokers, directly or indirectly, nor allow a dog to be used as a prize or donation in any contest. No dog will be used for the purpose of medical experimentation. 

9. I will ensure that any advertising is factual and honest in both substance and implication. 

10. I will not knowingly misrepresent or state falsely any fact related to the breed, any individual dog, my experience and standing, or the experience and standing of any other person. 


The purpose of breeding the Cesky Terrier is to bring the natural qualities of the dog to perfection in accordance with the breed standard. As a breeder I understand that in the ordinary case, puppies are sold for pet purposes. If a puppy shows exceptional promise, such that its potential for breeding is apparent, that puppy should be sold on that basis only to a person or persons who understand the seriousness of the potential undertaking. No breeding should occur except for the presumed and expected benefit of such breeding. The welfare of the Cesky Terrier is the only legitimate basis upon which a decision to breed a dog should be made. Emphatically, the economic and emotional interest of the owners is no basis upon which the decision can rightly be made. 

If I decide to breed a litter I will: 
1. Have a clear understanding of the standard. 

2. Be informed about the pedigrees of both dog and bitch, understanding the strengths and faults of both. 

3. Plan any breeding only with reasonable assurance and belief that the breeding will conserve and improve the conformation, health, temperament, and working ability of the breed, as outlined by the Breed Standard, bearing in mind such issues as the general health of the dogs to be bred, their susceptibility to inheritable diseases or defects and the possibility of transmission of such diseases or defects to their offspring. 

4. Breed only Cesky Terriers registered with or eligible to be registered with the American Kennel Club. 

5. Before breeding, test the stud dog or bitch for brucellosis. 

6. Before breeding, test the dog or bitch for inheritable defects according to the protocols of Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) 
a. heart evaluation by auscultation, 
b. patellae (knees), and 

c. dentition 
with additional tests optional, including but not limited to 
d. OFA or PennHIP hip dysplasia, 
e. CERF or OFA eye health, 
f. OFA or Hemolife Thyroid Health, and 
g. Primary Lens Luxation (PLL) genetic test . 
One should have certification of the results (e.g. from CERF, OFA, PennHIP) and ideally register said results with OFA and/or CERF. When possible, the least invasive test available is preferable to endangering the breeding population; for example, it is fine to OFA x-ray a Cesky Terrier without using anesthesia.** 

7. Breed only those bitches between the ages of 2 years and 8 years who are in excellent health. 

8. Not allow a bitch to whelp more than 2 litters during any 3 consecutive seasons nor allow her to produce more than 4 litters in her lifetime. 

9. Maintain accurate records and pedigrees of all my Cesky Terriers and each litter I breed and register all litters in accordance with the rules of the American Kennel Club. 

10. Not breed for personal profit or commercial exploitation of the breed. 


1. I will provide proper care for both the bitch and litter and retain the puppies for as long as necessary to find proper homes. If necessary, owners of stud dogs should be willing to share the responsibility for placement of the puppies, referring prospective purchasers to the bitch owner and helping with screening of homes. 

2. I will provide all puppies with proper veterinarian care and a clean, safe home environment. They should be parasite-free, have a balanced diet and appropriate inoculations as recommended by my veterinarian. 

3. I will screen prospective buyers to determine their suitability and motives for acquiring a Cesky Terrier. The ability to provide a safe, loving home and adequate physical facilities should be determined. 

4. I will not release a puppy for sale prior to 8 weeks of age. 
5. I will have any puppy which is deformed or suffering from a significant 

irreversible illness humanely euthanized. 
6. I will make sure each puppy is accompanied by the following at the time of 

a.Feeding Instructions 

Written medical records to include immunizations, types of vaccine used, dates of inoculations and wormings, a Certificate of Health from my veterinarian. 

A three generation pedigree. 

A contract of sale. 

A copy of this Code of Ethics. 

I will encourage new owners to have their puppy checked by their 

veterinarian within 48 hours of the time of acquisition. 
7. I will stipulate by contract that I will be notified if the owner is unable to keep the dog so that the dog is returned to me or I can assist in placing it in a new home. 
8. I will encourage new owners to keep me informed concerning the development of the puppy and advise me of any problems that may develop during its lifetime as well as the eventual cause of death. 
9. At the time of purchase and thereafter as necessary in the best interest of the breed, I will transmit to the owner of any dog bred by me accurate and complete information related to the health of the dog. 
10. I will not denigrate other breeders or their stock. 


1. I will exhibit only those dogs in good physical and mental condition. 
2. I will not exhibit any Cesky Terrier which has been changed in appearance by 

artificial means (exceptions being removal of dew claws). 
3. I will always demonstrate good sportsmanship both inside and outside the 

show ring and I will accept the services of only those professional handlers whose behavior is exemplary. 

Situations may arise that are not covered specifically by this Code of Ethics. In those cases it is expected that members will honor its spirit and intent. Exceptions shall be made in the application of this code only upon proof beyond a reasonable doubt presented to the Board of Directors that such exception is in the best interest of the breed.